CCT offers basic health care, advice, and information to street dwellers and to members of the communities where it has microfinance operations. Like its microfinance services, CCT’s health program, implemented by the Visions of Hope Foundation, is a vehicle for sharing the Gospel with the poor.

Among the services are:

  • Free basic medical consultation at any of 26 clinics in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao
  • Health and environment lectures conducted by doctors once a month and attended by volunteers who echo the lecture in at least two communities within the same month. Topics include leptospirosis, pulmonary tuberculosis, family planning, nutrition, diarrhea, urinary tract infection, first aid, climate change, personal and environmental hygiene, pneumonia, malaria, dengue, cervical cancer, and how to treat the common cough, cold, and fever. Health-seeking behaviour is encouraged in the communities and among the staff.
  • PTB-DOTS (Pulmonary Tuberculosis Bacilli-Directly Observed Treatment Short Course) program implemented in partnership with the Research Institute of Tuberculosis-Japan Anti Tuberculosis Association and with local health centers.
  • Circumcision of young males during the summer vacation months
  • Feeding of malnourished children in partnership with Bethesda Ministries (
  • Family planning services in partnership with the non-government organizations Cooperative Movement for Encouraging No Scalpel Vasectomy and Linangan ng Kababaihan (Likhaan).
  • Free flu vaccination
  • Free basic dental care including oral health lectures for children and adults, oral prophylaxis, tooth extraction, fluoride treatment, and distribution of toothbrushes

By the end of 2015 CCT hopes to have established clinics in all of its 133 branches nationwide.